Why Choose Us?

Repiping is Our Business

Brighter Mechanical is the Leading repiping Contractor in BC:

repiping is Our Business

There are six reasons that we believe make us the best contractor in our industry:

We are the most experienced repiping company in the industry

  • We have been repiping buildings in BC for 35+ years; successfully completed over 1,800 projects with over 50,000 suites
  • We have repiped the broadest range of buildings from very small apartment buildings (10 units) to very large complexes (300 units+); rental and strata; residential, commercial and hotels
  • Our Management Team has over 100 years of collective experience in this industry
  • Our Foremen have an average of 13 years experience with our company
  • We have innovated and refined our repiping process into the most effective and efficient methodology for completing projects in the industry

We have the best people in the repiping industry

  • We hire people not just for their experience and capabilities in their trade; but just as importantly, their attitude toward customer service, quality, teamwork and excellence
  • In addition to hiring great people, we also continually support the crews to work in accordance with our values and principles. This is done through training, mentorship, profit sharing, long term employment, and focusing on being a fun place to work
  • We are very proud of the fact that residents in our project buildings consistently tell us that “the Brighter guys are the best guys that have ever worked in the building; it’s clear they care”

We deliver exceptional quality on every job that we do

  • Each job is overseen by an experienced, dedicated Foreman
  • We have a Manager of Operations that oversees service delivery of all projects and is responsible for ensuring high quality across all our work
  • Our Management and Administration Team support our Foremen with specialist skills and expertise to ensure service quality is high and consistent, including: Pre-Project Planning & Logistics; Client and Resident Communication; Staff Training & Performance; Resident Issue Resolution; Warranty Service and Administration
  • We do not sub-contract our plumbing or construction work so that we can maintain high quality in all areas
  • Our on-site staff have an average of over 5 years experience with our Company; we don’t hire temporary or part time labour or trades staff for any of our project work, which keeps quality consistently high across all of our project work
  • We are continually developing and identifying best practices for our work and ensure that those best practices are applied across all of our jobs

We have an unrivaled reputation for delivering a positive resident experience

  • We understand that we work in other people’s homes; and we take that very seriously
  • Our work is organized to be as clean as possible and we never leave a mess at the end of the work day
  • We plan projects to minimize the impacts on residents
  • We have the most comprehensive resident communication program in the industry
  • We take building and suite security very seriously and have developed practices to maintain a high level of security on our job sites
  • We hire and train people in the “Brighter Way” of providing great resident service – all of our staff are friendly and professional
  • Resident feedback is collected during each job, shared with our clients, and used to candidly assess our performance as well as continually improve how we do things

We provide clear pricing and a clear scope of work; change orders are not part of our business model

  • Before we provide a quote, we thoroughly review your building, including an on site walkthrough and detailed assessment of the as-built drawings. We combine this with our database of 1,800 + completed projects to develop accurate budgets and quotes we stand behind
  • Owners do not have to worry about going over budget with Brighter; if it’s covered by our scope; its covered in our price. We do not charge extra for things that are not asked for by the owner, or were unknowable before we started
  • Our estimation team has over 60 years of repipe experience; there isn’t much they haven’t seen before!
  • We fundamentally believe in being clear and honest with our communications; and delivering on what we say; we believe this is one of the key reasons why a number of building owners and representatives do business with us repeatedly

We provide peace of mind, from start to finish for Owners and Property Managers

  • We understand that repiping a building is a substantial project and deciding which contractor to select is an important decision. With Brighter, we want all of our clients to feel a peace of mind from the moment they choose us
  • We provide 24 hour coverage for leaks, from the day that you engage us
  • We communicate regularly with both owners and property managers to ensure that the project runs smoothly for all involved
  • If there are issues at any point during the project, our Foreman and Management Team works to resolve these satisfactorily, as quickly as possible
  • At the close of each project, we ensure that owners have all of the required information to manage their asset effectively including: as built drawings; valve tag lists, and both manufacturer and installation warranties