Who We Are

The Brighter Way

The Brighter Way

We are a company whose founding Values still guide the operations of our company. A key element of our long term success as the leader in this industry comes from what we call “the Brighter Way”. This is a way of thinking that permeates everything we do.

We all strive to work in alignment to the Values that have been successful for 35+ years, in every aspect of the work we do. They are a cornerstone of the success we have achieved.

We Care

Our job sites are people’s homes, and we take that very seriously.

We Take Pride

We do professional, high quality work: the first time; every time.

We Are Accountable

When we make errors, we own up to them and get them taken care of quickly.

We Are a Team

We work as a team to get the job done; we achieve success together.

We Strive to be Better

We work to continuously improve our effectiveness and our customer service experience.

We Are a Great Place to Work

We strive to attract, develop, and retain the best people in the industry.

Our History

In 1988 Brighter Mechanical was founded in British Columbia by Ray & Donna Wild. A small crew of 5 and a small office in the Wild family home were the humble beginnings of a company that would grow to approximately 100 staff since 1988.

Brighter Mechanical has grown in many ways over the years, but the principles that Ray believed in are still held true today. Ray believed that if you hire great people, give them full time work, treat them with respect and commit to them for the long term that those people will do excellent work and customers will notice. And, if we could do excellent work, and we were honest and fair with our customers, they would want to do business with us again and again. These simple ideas have guided us over the years – We call it “the Brighter Way”.

In the early years our projects primarily consisted of three to four story wood frame and concrete high-rise rental buildings. Our work has changed significantly over time, and although we still do this type of work, our spectrum of work has grown to include strata/condominium, multi-residential, commercial and hotel properties across Canada. The evolving complexity of our projects have brought interesting challenges and our experience and qualifications have grown with it. With over 1,800 projects to date, we are the largest and most experienced repipe contractor in North America.

Today our knowledge and expertise in repiping is highly regarded and sought after throughout the industry. Our input is leaned on for building assessments and capital planning. Outside engineering firms often ask for our input on solving difficult plumbing situations. We spend time educating both Strata and Rental Managers on the specifics of repiping buildings, and we are often asked to meet with entire Ownership Groups to explain the problems they are experiencing and discuss the solutions.

The high level of professionalism that we have adhered to over the years has not gone unnoticed. We have been presented with awards for our customer service and have also been recognized as a Top Employer in Canada.

The simple values that founded our company will continue to live on, guide us, and help us grow: a legacy that we are very proud of.

We Support Our Community

Throughout the year we actively participate in a number of community fundraising events and provide financial support to a variety of lower mainland based charities. These organizations are doing wonderful work, and we feel honored to play our small part.

Ray passed away in 1998, however 4 of the 5 original crew still work at Brighter Mechanical 35 years later; and the simple values that he founded this company with continue to live on and guide us; a legacy that we are very proud of.

Covenant House
Kids Up Front
Child Foundation
BC Children's Hospital Foundation
Greater Vancouver Food Bank
United Way Lower Mainland