How We Work

Our Repiping Process

Best Practices

Work Specification

We believe it is very important to provide our customers a clear scope of work and a clear price, and we conduct a thorough review of each building before providing any work scope or quote. We spend a great deal of time focusing on the specifics of each building before preparing the specification for the project. If it’s in our scope, it’s in our price, and we will never charge extra for it.

Design and Project Planning

Design and Project Planning are a key element of running an effective project that impacts residents as little as possible. We work to design the system in a way that requires the least possible intrusion into resident’s homes. There will always be some impact on residents in a building undergoing a repipe, but designing the system and planning the project with an eye to minimizing resident disruption is a key part of our process. We also have the experience to augment existing systems so they are more user friendly after a repipe, and communicate beforehand how these changes will both look and work after the installation.

Good Communication

During the decision making process, Brighter Mechanical can help inform the Owners on the reasons for repiping and show them the repipe process. Through on-site multimedia presentations, we are able to communicate with large ownership groups to discuss the problems they are having with their plumbing systems. These sessions visually show both the process of the work and our attention to detail, which leaves the individual Owners and residents with clear expectations and peace of mind.

Once on site, we proactively and effectively communicate with residents, owners and property managers. To that end, we provide a number of avenues to answer questions and provide information as part of our service approach. We have been told by our customers that we have the most comprehensive communications program in the industry.

Service Quality Management

Consistently high quality work and service across all of our jobs is a key focus of our operating processes.

We manage this in four key ways:

  1. Our Foremen have an average of 13 years experience with our company, they all know how to run a successful job, there are no weak links
  2. Our Management & Administrative Team provide specialist support across all of our jobs enabling consistency in key areas
  3. We purposefully and proactively work to spread best practices across all of the jobs we do and all of the Foremen who work at Brighter
  4. Our on-site installation team is not only trained in their specific trade, but are also given training on customer service

We Use The Best Materials

We use the highest quality materials on our repiping projects:

Whenever allowable by code, we use Uponor AquaPEX piping, the highest standard piping for plumbing in the industry. This piping has been used for decades in Europe and for over 20 years in North America. The piping is manufactured in the United States and comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty.

For the majority of our projects we utilize stainless steel or ductile iron for larger diameter piping. You should expect a long life with either type of system, and we have had a great deal of success with both.

We Offer One of the Most Comprehensive Warranties in the Industry

At Brighter Mechanical, we stand behind our work. We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the repiping industry.

Our work is guaranteed for (2) two years from the date of completion and should any problems arise, they will be dealt with promptly.

Uponor AquaPEX provides a 25 year warranty on the Uponor Pex piping we utilize for approximately 90% of the piping in our projects. Their warranty covers 10 year consequential damage and is one of the most comprehensive warranties for any manufacturer in the industry.

We Can Guide You Through the Financing of your Repipe Project

Once a property owner or strata corporation decides that it is necessary to replace the plumbing piping in their building, they must determine how to fund the project. For some property owners funding is not an issue, they either have the capital or are comfortable sourcing financing on their own. For others, sourcing financing to complete their required plumbing repiping is a significant challenge.

Brighter Mechanical has broad relationships in the financing community as well as the internal financial expertise to effectively advise customers on the best alternatives available for financing. We can act as an agent for customers looking to source the best capital to suit their financing needs, and we will help coordinate with finance providers throughout the project.