Positive Resident Experience

We have an unrivaled reputation for delivering a positive resident experience.

  • We understand that we work in other people’s homes; and we take that very seriously
  • Our work is organized to be as clean as possible and we never leave a mess at the end of the work day
  • We plan projects to minimize the impacts on residents
  • We have the most comprehensive resident communication program in the industry
  • We take building and suite security very seriously and have developed practices to maintain a high level of security on our job sites
  • We hire and train people in the “Brighter Way” of providing great resident service – all of our staff are friendly and professional
  • Resident feedback is collected during each job, shared with our clients, and used to candidly assess our performance as well as continually improve how we do things

107 – 4585 Canada Way • Burnaby, BC • V5G 4L6
Office 604.279.0901 • Fax 604.279.0902 • info@brightermechanical.com