Peace Of Mind, Start To Finish

We provide peace of mind, from start to finish for Owners and Property Managers.

  • We understand that repiping a building is a substantial project and deciding which contractor to select is an important decision. With Brighter, we want all of our clients to feel a peace of mind from the moment they choose us
  • We provide 24 hour coverage for leaks, from the day that you engage us
  • We communicate regularly with both owners and property managers to ensure that the project runs smoothly for all involved
  • If there are issues at any point during the project, our Foreman and Management Team works to resolve these satisfactorily, as quickly as possible
  • At the close of each project, we ensure that owners have all of the required information to manage their asset effectively including: as built drawings; valve tag lists, and both manufacturer and installation warranties

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Office 604.279.0901 • Fax 604.279.0902 • info@brightermechanical.com