The Materials We Use

We use the highest quality materials our re-piping projects:

For all piping 2” in diameter or smaller we use Uponor PEX piping, the highest standard piping for plumbing in the industry. This piping has been used for decades in Europe and for over 15 years in North America. The piping is manufactured in the United States and comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty.

For the majority of our projects we utilize “Type K” Copper for the larger diameter Piping, where PEX is not an option. Type K Copper is a copper piping with a thick wall used as a standard for high quality re-piping work and high-end new construction projects. Some of our clients, opt for Stainless Steel piping on the larger diameter pipes which they believe to be more robust than the Type K Copper. Stainless Steel is not historically common for domestic water plumbing pipes and therefore often requires a special permitting process, depending upon the city in which the building is located.

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