Our Re-Piping Process

We have been continuously improving our processes for 25 years, which is why we believe we have the best processes in the industry.

Our process involves 5 key components:

We believe it is very important to provide our customers a clear scope of work and a clear price, and we conduct a thorough review of each building before providing any work scope or quote. If its in our scope, its in our price, and we will never charge extra for it.

Design and Project Planning are a key element of running an effective project that impacts residents as little as possible. We work to design the system in a way that requires the least possible intrusion into residents homes. There will always be some impact on residents in a building undergoing a re-piping, but designing the system and planning the project with an eye to minimizing resident disruption is a key part of our process.

Proactively communicating effectively with residents, owners and property managers is one of the key drivers of project success. To that end, we provide a number of avenues to answer questions and provide information as part of our service approach. We have been told by our customers that we have the most comprehensive communications program in the industry.

Consistently high quality work and service across all of our jobs is a key focus of our operating processes. We manage this in three key ways:

1. Our Foremen have an average of 13 years experience with our company, they all know how to run a successful job, there are no weak links;
2. Our Management & Administrative Team provide specialist support across all of our jobs enabling consistency in key areas;
3. We purposefully and proactively work to spread best practices across all of the jobs we do and all of the Foremen who work at Brighter.

A key element of our long term success as the leader in this industry comes from what we call “the Brighter Way”. This isn’t a process, but a way of thinking that permeates everything we do. We all strive to work in alignment to the Values that have been successful for 25 years, in every aspect of the work we do.

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