Our History

In 1988 Brighter Mechanical was founded in British Columbia by Ray & Donna Wild. A small crew of 5 and a small office in the Wild family home were the humble beginnings of a company that would grow to approximately 100 staff over 25 years.

Over the years we have re-piped the broadest range of buildings: very small to very large; rental and strata; residential, commercial and institutional; almost 1000 projects in all. Our first job was a re-pipe of a small apartment building in New Westminster, and re-piping has been our business ever since.

In the beginning of any business times are tough. Finding the next projects and ensuring that there was profitable work for the crew while overseeing the current work being done is a tall task for a 1 man foreman / manager / company owner. But Ray believed that if you hire great people, give them full time work, treat them with respect and commit to them for the long term that those people will do excellent work and customers will notice. And, if we could do excellent work, and we were honest and fair with our customers, they would want to do business with us again and again. This simple idea, has guided us over 25 years of history.

Ray passed away in 1998, however 4 of the 5 original crew still work at Brighter Mechanical 25 years later; and the simple values that he founded this company with continue to live on and guide us; a legacy that we are very proud of.

107 – 4585 Canada Way • Burnaby, BC • V5G 4L6
Office 604.279.0901 • Fax 604.279.0902 • info@brightermechanical.com